Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Getting ready for The Season

I am really really really supposed to be working right now.  I have a deadline coming up on Tuesday and another deadline three weeks after that and really there is just not enough time to get all of this work done unless I start working weekends (although a fly on my wall might argue that I would have much better luck if I would just start working period; I tend to buckle down to a lot of solitaire when I'm under the gun).  Working weekends is completely and totally out of the question right now because we are a winter sports family.  Not so much in the getting-out-and-enjoying-the-freezing-cold-weather manner, but in the all-hockey-all-basketball-all-the-time manner. This weekend, if I am reading the schedules right (and I sincerely hope I am not), will be offering us a triple header plus tournament frenzy. Two basketball games at roughly the same time, plus a hockey game to keep the biggest boy busy (and unable to drive) just when we need his driving skills the most.  To sprinkle a little spice on the day, we do not yet have the tournament schedule, because why should we know in advance where we need to go and when we are supposed to be there schedules are for sissies.

But I digress.  The only reason I checked in this morning was because my bohunk is now part of the YouTube generation and I was just too excited to contain myself. Here is the link to the article about the brilliant veteran hockey coach who is now running the Varsity Ice Hockey (yes, in our world those words are always capitalized) program at one of the local schools.

And here (this just KILLS me) is El Husbando on YouTube.

And here is a picture of the cuff of a mitten that I am absolutely not supposed to be knitting right now:


I also have a sock, sweater, scarf and hat that I am not supposed to be knitting.  And I'm in the middle of 3 or four books right now. Did I mention that I have epic procrastination skills (not to mention a total inability to commit) when I don't want to be working?  There will be a full craft and sports update this weekend, after I am -- theoretically at least -- done with my current deadline. For now, my morning coffee is ready and I feel a game of solitaire coming on . . .