Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Our rink is finally up. Never mind that it is February and that we have now missed two and a half months of perfect skating weather. The rink is up. The only one to have used it so far is the dog, who did not think much of it. The weatherfolks are predicting more cold weather, but I consider this the ultimate test of my ability to control the weather. When I wash my car, it rains. If I take my morning walk without my anorak, it rains. If I take my kids out for a fun summer day, it either rains or the sun blazes so hot we think we'll melt. And, the last time we put the rink up (also a bit late in the season; why is this?), my husband swears that it involved days of back breaking labor and then the water never froze. [I remember none of this, but I was severely pregnant (and then severely sleep deprived) at the time. ] So my theory is that, groundhog predictions notwithstanding, spring is now on its way.

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