Monday, October 11, 2010

Things that might surprise you

1. Matty is boycotting a perfectly good macaroni and cheese lunch today because his dog, "Life Shadow," is afraid of noodles.


2. Here's an eye-opening tidbit that I picked up while eavesdropping on Matty and his friend Patrick while we drove to the zoo. The conversation went a bit like this:
Patrick:  Did you know that a robin is a dinosaur? And a hawk is a kind of robin.  And so a hawk is a dinosaur too.
Matty:  Yes.  And so they are all pteranodons.

3. Also, both boys can see a deer from fifty fifty fifty leventy hundred miles away.  Just in case you are not familiar with this number system, that's really, really, really far.

4.  Isabel has decided that she is a small French girl.  I suspect that this sudden change in nationality has something to do with the beret I gave her yesterday.


5. I don't actually want to work today, much like I did not really want to clean the garage yesterday.  However, I have run out of minor delaying tactics (Ravelry, facebook, blog reading) and am not bold enough to totally blow off the day in favor of something really fun (like hiding in my room all day with rental movies, a bag of chocolate chips, and my knitting), so I guess I have no choice but to get cracking.  In a few minutes.

6. I am much closer to finishing my Rhinebeck sweater,

Partially assembled Rhinebeck sweater, with right sleeve started and gratuitous monkey.

but not close enough that I will finish it in time for the actual Rhinebeck festival (estimated time until departure: 4 days, 15 hours, 42 minutes).  Also, I have developed the sudden fear that my ears will be cold on Saturday and have been straying from my Expeditious Sweater Completion Plan and looking at quickie hat/headband patterns. Intellectually, I get the idea that time spent knitting something other than the sweater actually delays the completion of the sweater, but I'm itching to see something flying off the needles and, like I said, I would hate for my ears to be cold while I'm outside all day on Saturday looking at all the woollies.  I was struck by the same fear last year and I spent the bus ride whipping up an earband, which I later unravelled (quite unnecessarily; it turned out I had more than enough yarn to make whatever I was making (my twisted rib hat, I think) without the assistance of the earband yarn, but the little bugger didn't quite cover my ears anyway, so no biggie). You might think that I would wear one of the many hats that I already own, but they look kind of lumpy when I have my hair up, as I almost always do.  Plus, I'm feeling a little distracted (which might explain why I am writing a new post instead of actually clearing my paying work out of the way so I can enjoy the afternoon) and unusually tempted by these two soft and squishy little cakes of left over yarn.


Look at them sitting there.  Aren't  they just begging to be made into warm and fuzzy hat-like things?

Just for fun, I have tootsed up the picture.  Aren't they tempting you too?


Really, there is nothing else I can report in order to delay working.  I have not spun anything new and the weaving looks exactly the same as it did last week, even though I have woven at least 4 additional repeats.  That amounts to over 20 inches of weaving, but I have to take it as a matter of faith that there has been progress because any cloth I have made is wrapped around the cloth beam where I can't get at it to make sure that it still exists.


See what I mean?

Here it is again as a pencil sketch, because I haven't wasted enough time yet today.


I suppose that when I start messing around with perfectly good photos, it really is time to get back to work.   Oh well. I hope you are more productive than I am today.

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