Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Failure to Achieve: The Paperless Society

Well, here I am on the third official day of my vacation from work (Friday didn't count because I had to run errands and do the grocery shopping and that's not vacation) and I am still clawing my way out from under my paperwork. On Monday I spent the morning going through my email in-box. Ew. Yesterday was spent clearing out the accumulated junk mail from the last few weeks. Double Ew (ooh, a pun!! Double Ew? W? get it? And yes, all this paperwork does make my head numb; why do you ask?) Today, in a grand finale that is barely half over, I spent the morning paying bills and updating my accounts and I will spend the afternoon going through my real life in-box and dealing with all the bits and pieces that couldn't just be recycled as junk. This will mean writing things in calendars and making decisions and-- save me please!-- making phone calls.


BAH, I tell you.

I'm going to find some lunch and a cookie.

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