Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just In Case You Were Wondering

I have not evaporated.  I am still here, but my month of vacation is now being followed by four months of a whole lot of work.  I thought I might post a lot during vacation, but it turns out that there are only so many times you can write "I sat on the couch and knit while watching Doctor Who/Downton Abbey/Doc Martin" before you start to feel one-dimensional, so I gave it a miss.  Then I thought I might post once vacation was over and I started doing things again, but that didn't work out either.  First I got sick, which wasn't worth writing about at all.  Then on the other days my butt has hurt so much from spending the day at my computer (working, for once) that I couldn't stand to stay here one minute longer than was strictly necessary.  Also, there's still that pesky dinner thing everyone seems to want every damn day.  No escape today, either.  It's 7:22 p.m., and if I don't get cooking soon then everyone will end up eating crackers for dinner, which would make me look like a bad parent.  And I would hate for everyone to miss Taco Tuesday.  Off we go!

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