Wednesday, January 18, 2017

In which we return, only to leave again

Due to overwhelming demand, by which I mean that a full 30% (i.e., three) of my known readers have let me know it's very definitely time for me to get off my lazy bootocks and put up a stinkin' post, I am back.

And now I'm leaving to go to Washington to march with all the people on January 21.

For the record, I do not like crowds.  In addition to the physical discomfort of being surrounded by soooo many bodies, I worry that such large groups are perpetually on the verge of becoming panicky and unpredictable stampedes and I resent that a crowd wants to draw us in and mess with our emotions.  I am definitely that awkward person at the fringe who doesn't really want to be a full participant in whatever is going on.  Also, I'm short, and I usually can't see over all those people very well.  Boo hiss.

That being said, we're going.  In the wake of the election results, my 16 year old daughter heard about this march and said she wanted to go.  Enough said.

Were you worried that I wouldn't be able to tie this topic to a knitting project? Fear not.  I am knitting hats.  But NOT the ubiquitous Pussy Hat.  Again, I'm wary of the crowd thing, and with everyone and  their sister knitting the P-hats, I just can't do it.  I know that the idea is to show solidarity, but we're doing that by showing up and marching, and I would feel like a lemming knitting the same P-hat as everyone else. Not to mention the idea of tracking down (and working in) pink bulky weight yarn -- spare my knitterly pride!! And what happens to the hats after the march? I doubt I would ever wear that hat again, and the inherent contradiction of a single-use, disposable hand knit item gives me a fit.

Enter the Resist Hat:


The designer says this about the hat (in three separate typefaces!):

Resist racism, resist xenophobia, resist sexism, resist hate of all kinds. Wear this hat to proclaim that we are the resistance! 
The diagonal motif is based on the American symbol for a resistor in electronics. 
“What country can preserve its liberties if it’s rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance”. --Thomas Jefferson
It's got science, socially responsible messaging, and a quote.  Plus, it's mildly subversive. What's not to like? The second hat, in which the colors are reversed, is in its final stages. 


There will be more about our impending expedition soon, but  after a 14 month hiatus from this blogging thing, this shorty post is about all I can handle. And, if I don't feed the inmates soon, there will be a riot here that will put the march on Washington to shame. 

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