Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just so you know . . .

I have spent 4 out of the last 24 hours in the grocery store-- that's two shopping trips in two days-- and there are still no chocolate chip cookies in the house.

This is approaching a criminal level of dietary negligence.

Also, there is not enough chocolate in the world to suit me, although there is probably just enough chocolate in the house to keep me almost sane.  If you are inclined to be a wise guy at this point, please note that your commentary is not entirely welcome.

Oh, and just this minute, I dropped one precious piece of that chocolate -- still partially in its wrapper--into my very hot coffee. Here it is, in its sad post-rescue state.


It turns out that I like the chocolate-tinged coffee a lot better than I like the coffee-tinged chocolate.  I do not at all like the new coffee spots all over my favorite white shirt.

As if this were not enough to try the patience of a much more saint-like person,  it would appear that I left my earbuds in New Hampshire.  I bought new ones yesterday, but they don't plug all the way into my iPhone, so they are useless.  Then I found some unwanted earbuds lying around the house, but those didn't work either. 

And, just this very minute, I decided to artfully swirl my coffee around to mix in the sugar that is lurking at the bottom of the mug and I spilled it on my desk. 

I think it would be much safer if I just went back to bed now.

Good night.

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