Saturday, September 25, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire



This may or may not be a picture of a new to me table loom that I may or may not have bought yesterday at an exceptional price from a woman who decided she really didn't have the time to take up weaving. 

So when I said a few days ago that I was was no longer crushing on the Harrisville 4 shaft floor loom and was really just delighted to be devoting all of my weaving time to fully exploring the possibilities of my rigid heddle loom, it is possible that I omitted to add " . . . until the next cool loomy thing comes along."

All I know is that when this little bugger came up on craigslist Thursday, I began having visions of more complex weaving and I was a goner.  Which is totally stupid because, really, I don't weave all that much.

Then again, I did get up pretty early (for me) on this fine Saturday morning, and I may or may not be off right this very minute to start experiment with warping that little badboy.

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