Saturday, December 15, 2012

101 Reasons Why I am Missing my Deadline

#53: The Fat Cat Sat on the Manuscript

Okay, so maybe 'manuscript' is over-glorifying my work a bit, but when I sit down to work on a Saturday morning, this is not what I want to see:


I don't think people--by which I mean me-- should have to work on a Saturday if they have been working all week, so I like to just sit down, get the stupid work done, and get on with the fun part of the weekend, which is pretty much everything that isn't work.  In this way, I am a much better worker on a Saturday morning than I am any other day of the week.  Except maybe Sunday.

So I asked the cat if she would mind moving her  furry butt off my work as it was making it difficult to see the words, much less write on them with red pen.

She moved:


It might interest you to know that I had been editing the bottom left corner of the page, so it would seem that I was better off before I opened my big mouth.

I explained to the fat cat that I didn't want to be working in the first place, but that due to one thing and another I was past my deadline and needed to get things back on track and I was really very sorry that she couldn't spend the morning lounging on my pieces of paper, but there it was and why didn't we both make the best of it.

She was not impressed.

photo.JPG t

 So I told her that she could stay on the paper for three more minutes while I went to make my coffee, but that after that she really would have to find a different seat.

She did.


Now at least we are both warm, even if I can't reach my papers to edit them.



  1. Maybe you can persuade her next time with a snack?
    Just found your blog via Ravelry, love it!