Tuesday, December 4, 2012

My Kind of Day

Today is National Cookie Day.

I will be celebrating with these,


although I will, of course, be turning them into actual cookies first.

I was supposed to add these to the mix:


Unfortunately, in a moment of wild abandon, I ate most of them and will have to buy a new bag.  You can tell that there aren't enough chips left for the cookies because the bag is (a) open and (b) suspiciously flat.  This happens now and then (if by "now and then" you understand that I mean with clock-like regularity), especially if shopping day and cookie baking day are too far apart (i.e., not the same day). You might be tempted to suggest that I buy two  bags of peanut butter chips--one for me and one for the cookies-- but to buy two bags of peanut butter chips would be to concede that I have no self control and I refuse to believe this.  So I carry on in my ways, buying bags of peanut butter chips (chocolate chips, too, if you must know), pretending I can save them for baking, and gobbling them anyway.  But only one bag at a time.

Off to the store to buy some more (if only it were national poetry day as well!).  I promise this time that I won't eat all of them before I make the cookies.

p.s. Lest you think I am a complete pig, I should note that the bulk of the cookies will be delivered to El Husbando's hockey team.  They have won their first two games and are most deserving.

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  1. LOL.You need to buy 2 bags of peanut butter chips because when you open the bag, they evaporate: didn't you know that ?? :-D