Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In which I am Free, and a Bit Giddy

Wheeeeee!!! I'm done!!! ImdoneImdoneImdone!!!! I have been working almost non-stop for days and weeks and months, culminating in two marathon work days at the beginning of this week and FINALLY I have gotten myself just far enough ahead that I can take the next few days off while the kids are on break from school.  Want to know a secret?  I might also take next Monday off, especially because even though they will have gone back to school by then.

All this work stuff means that, even though I have been knitting, I haven't been taking pictures so there isn't much to show here.  As a substitute, please enjoy the following pointless images from my (limited) non-work life:

1. This is Timmy.  He is close to 15 years old and likes to eat and lie on things.  Here is he telling me, via feline ESP, that he would like a snack.  Now.


The reason he is standing on the washing machine and asking for snacks is that I keep the kitty snacks in the laundry room.  The cats only ever ask for snacks while I am in the laundry room folding the laundry.  Either they are not bright enough to realize that they could ask for snacks in another room, or they think I'm not bright enough to understand them unless they ask while I am in the same room as the snacks.  Either way, it's a reasonably workable system.


Here they both are eating their snacks.  The picture I meant to take was much better than this, because the cats were standing in exactly the same pose.  But Tim moved, and that was that.

Sometimes the dog, who is foolishly optimistic, comes to the laundry room to beg for cat snacks too, even though we never share with him.

Here is Timmy in his most common non-eating position, i.e., snoozing on the chair in my office with the heater warming his old bones.  I think he's dreaming that he's SuperCat, flying through the skies to protect the innocent.


Here is what my van looked like a few weeks ago after it overheated while we were 15 miles from home with a trunk full of groceries. Again. It's been fixed and, because we are even more foolishly optimistic than the dog, we like to believe that now the van will run without problems for the rest of the year.


Here is what the world looked like not too long ago.  We haven't spent the winter covered in snow, but when it has come, it has been impressive to look at.


After we shoveled the top of the driveway, I made my husband take a walk so we could appreciate nature, etc. etc.


Here, apparently, is what the inside of my pocket looks like after a snowstorm.  Who knew?


Now that you've seen the inside of my pocket, I think we can all agree that we've probably seen enough for now, right?  Anyway, the kids are clamoring for dinner-- even though I will surely make it only to have at least one of them say "we're having that  again?" --and I don't know what I'm supposed to make tonight because I can't find the shopping list.  Hopefully, now that I'M FREE!!!!! tomorrow will bring better organization and a few pictures of knitted things.

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  1. Thank you for this post. You and your cat and your pocket are just what I needed to realize that the little I did over the holiday weekend was:
    P L E N T Y