Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No going back now . . .

We are on the road to hobby farm-hood. Nice Carol from the Post Office called at 6:30 this morning (yes, I knew this could happen, and at least it is light at that hour) to say the chicks were here!! We all went scrambling over to pick them up and now they are home and hopefully not about to perish from all the attention they are getting.

They seem to be doing well and enjoying the giant red heat lamp. They are also eating and drinking (and pooping. Ask me how I know . . .) and generally carrying on in a good old chicken-y way.

Everyone seemed to have chosen their favorite chicks (black for the Men, white for the girls, leaving the two Buff Orpingtons for Mama, per my original plan), but now their allegiances are shifting and I am concerned that I might have to share my Orps. Maybe it's time to start some nasty rumors about them.

Chicken coop is coming along too:

I feel like Albert %^%#$# Einstein for getting those rafters up there, although I would be glad not to do it again in the future. If the weather cooperates, we'll put a big push on to get the place (mostly) in order this weekend. The chicks won't be ready for the coop too soon, but I am ready to be done and--as I keep conveniently forgetting -- we still need time to put up the fence and implement our Maximum Security Anti-Predator Measures.

No time for more commentary; I have 13 minutes left to shower, dress, bathe an uncooperative three year old, and clip the coupons for the Wednesday Grocery Trip. I wonder if I can squeeze in a trip to the newly moved yarn shop too?

Oh, last notes: TDF spinning is coming along, although I definitely don't love this wool. Still, it was free and I supposed I can work with the "rustic" yarn I am producing. And will continue to produce day after day after day . . .

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