Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shopping Day

Wednesday is usually shopping day around here, but Mom is a little overwhelmed with work and has had to postpone the weekly grocery expedition. Have no fear! Matthew is here to help! Having accompanied Mom on several hundred grocery trips, he knows just what to do.

As you can see, the cart is heaped with nutritious offerings. They have, of course, been removed from all that silly packaging they come in to allow for maximum cart stuffage. This will make perfect sense to anyone who has actually seen what Mom's shopping cart looks like just before we hit the checkout lane.

Here we see our many fine purchases laid out for inspection. An excellent selection of goods,

although some observers cannot refrain from expressing their opinions as to the severe shortage of tuna fish.

With all this unrestrained consumerism, it is only natural that the store shelves should look a little ransacked. No worries, I'm sure the excellent staff at the Mom & Pop Grocery will be happy to clear things up.

The next step is to put everything away. Great care has been taken here to arrange the goods in a logical and orderly manner, so as to facilitate easy retrieval of the needed items, all of which should be placed within arm's reach.

Shopping accomplished! We are now off-- with a clear conscience and the knowledge of a job well done -- to play trains.

Anybody want to buy a little boy?

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