Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It's official: absolutely nothing is happening here. After the rush of starting the chicken coop and packing for vacation and finishing up some work, there is now nothing reaching completion.

I have neither started nor (obviously) finished my next work project. I have not painted the chicken coop

(though I am very pleased with it) and I have not moved my tools out to make way for the yet-to-be-completed interior finishing of that never ending project. I also have not secured fence building supplies, although I have made some rather ambitious (pointless?) plans to move the chickens out there next week.

I have not cleaned the house, have not finished the laundry, and have not yet finished parenting my children. I have not finished weeding the garden, but this makes sense because I never started weeding either. The toy room is an absolute disaster and I don't even know what is in there any more, although I suspect there will be a lot of "Oh, hey! I've been looking for this!" going on if I ever do get around to cleaning up in there. It is entirely possible, however, that my children will finish growing up before I finish the play room. Then I'll have to start redecorating it as an office or media room or something and I'm sure I won't finish that either.

I started this new pair of socks for Isabel,

but I have not finished this pair of socks for me.

I am almost finished with this sweet little sweater,

but even with all this nothing happening around here, I don't sit down to knit until 9:30 or 10 at night and I'm usually in no shape for seaming or placket-ing by then. Plus, I lost the instructions, which is kind of an issue. I have started an absolutely fabulous little peach lace scarf, but there are still 15 pattern repeats left to go. No finishing in sight there.

Then there is the spinning. I am NOT finished with the merino fleece (also known as The White Stuff), although I am dangerously close to chucking the rest of it in the compost so I can say I am finished.

I am also not finished with my lovely pink merino. When I do finish it, I will feel duty bound to go back and make one last effort with The White Stuff before I chuck it in the compost, so there is not really a lot of incentive to move along here.

I am still working on my Zip Vest, my Central Park Hoodie, and my make-it-up-as-you-go sweater for Nate, even if only in spirit. Mostly they are in medium range storage, in the sense that they are still in an optimistic little knitting bag that has not yet been abandoned to the back of a closet or under a bed.

At least half of my children are not dressed in a manner suitable for public appearances; one of them is wearing only a shirt, but he is potty training and can be forgiven this temporary absence of pants. All of them have at least finished breakfast today, although I cannot prove that they ate foods their pediatrician would approve of.

I would be in grave danger of never finishing this post, but I also have not finished the grocery list, and the consequences of venturing in to Wegmans without a battle plan are too horrible to contemplate. I'd better hurry though; I'm leaving the house in 15 minutes, even if it hasn't finished raining.

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  1. Harrison wanted to eat a ring pop for breakfast which I said no, so he ate 2 bites of some breakfast bar type food and asked for but did not drink grape juice. Let us both hope that Dr. Lewis does not find us out.......