Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Victory is Mine!!!


This is my victory laugh.  I took advantage of an extremely long softball game (almost 2.5 hours!) on a very comfortable evening (last night) and did this:



I win!!!! I win!! iwiniwiniwin!!!!

Just a little bit of goofiness to work out at the bottom of the button band, but this bugger is done and ready for wear.  Buttons were a gift from my wonderful friend, Deb.  They were imported all the way from Buffalo and are beautiful.  Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn't do closeups and the real camera was much to far away-- I couldn't leave my supermodel wrapped up in wool for too long on an 80 degree night-- so no good pics of the buttons.  The waist shaping looks hideous when the sweater is laid out flat, but works perfectly when the sweater is on an actual human body.  Hurray!!!

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