Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Surprise-- new babies !!!!

Well, I tried to send the picture from my iPhone, but only the caption came through.  So here is today's little surprise:



One of our hens has been squatting in a nesting box and acting all broody for the last couple of weeks, all to no purpose because we have no rooster and therefore no possibility of fertilized eggs.  Today when we went to the feed store for more chicken feed, they had chicks.  We bought three and the plan is to sneak them under Pippa tonight and see if she'll do the mama thing and raise these babies right.  If not, then my kids just found their summer project.


Above are Daisy and Lily, both Araucanas (they'll lay blue eggs . . . squeee! we're so excited).

Below is Sunny (full name Sunflower) who is a red star, which we know nothing about.


Happy summer!!!
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