Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just Stuff.

It is a grey and dismal day here, which I will spend working to make up for my abysmal performance during the week.  If I am even the least bit productive today, I will spend some time setting up the loom and working on either the baby sweater that needs to be finished soon or the totally unauthorized sweater that I started last night when I couldn't take the pressure of the baby sweater any longer.

Shelves are assembled and have been put in place in the hall, which at least looks neater, if still a little weird.


 Extra shelves made their way into my office for yarn/fiber/magazine storage and gave me the chance to sort through the accumulation of yarn and paper debris that has been slowly taking over.  Score 1 for a neater and happier work environment.  Too bad it didn't actually help me work.

To compensate for Mother Nature's bad mood today, I offer this, which I took at the beginning of my walk last week.


In the same way that people like to talk about "eye candy,"  I would categorize this as "eye tea": just a little something to soothe the soul and warm up your day.  Enjoy.

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