Thursday, October 3, 2013

Please Don't Tell My Boss . . .

Well, you can't really tell my boss much about me that she doesn't already know because I'm self-employed and only mildly delusional about my work habits. I am, however, having a little trouble getting back to work after a month of time off and it is only a matter of minutes before I ditch the drudgery of office and desk and yield to the Siren song of these plain brown boxes.


They contain bookcases. I agree that the main hall is an odd place for book cases (and armoires and those funky hide-away desks with the flip down writing surface) but our house (due mostly to a poor choice in hiring an architect with no residential experience and my subsequent interference in architectural matters) has some less than ideal design features.  When these "features" are combined with the size of my family and our unrestrained reading/book buying/library habits,  you can imagine how quickly we run out of storage space.  Also, we part with books only if we (a) hate them or (b) leave them out in such heavy rain that they get moldy. No use suggesting that we try to cull the herd.

Our plans for this hall have gone from grand (fill in the ceiling and make a second floor reading alcove, complete with window seats and book storage, then fill in the downstairs wall with built-in cabinetry to meet all of our dish/book/coat/vacuum storage needs) to manageable (downstairs built-ins only) to absolutely cheap (bookshelves from Target, anyone?) as our first child has gotten closer to college, and the book shelves will hopefully keep us happy until we either move or win the lottery. Plus, they need to be assembled, which gives me an excuse to get out the drill and start bossing my helpers around.

Want some eye-candy before I go?

I finally spun a chunk of Into the Whirled fiber into this bit of chain-plied goodness.


No clue what it should be made into next, but I bought the fiber at Rhinebeck last year, and now that I've spun it I am no longer entirely prohibited from buying more fiber this year.

This chunk of blue is an even more recent purchase.


I bought it last January and somewhere along the way I decided to card it into this heathered grey loveliness,

which spun up into this fluffy yarn

which I'm pretty sure will be perfect for a warm and toasty cabled hat like this or this.

But enough.  I'm off to assemble some shelves.

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