Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oh Look . . .


A baby sweater.

Can you see the buttons?


They have little anchors on them, and I might just perish from the cuteness.

I also made a little yarn doll for the baby's older sister, who by now must be weary of  all the attention and all the presents being directed at this squalling interloper.  Can't post a picture of it though, because the cats keep stealing it and running away with it and I have not yet discovered their latest hiding place.

I'm sorry to report that the next knitting project is a sea of unrelenting brown-ness.


To add to the burden, it will continue in its brown-ness for the next 4.5 skeins, about 900 yards. Also, the weight of the project and the nature of the pattern make my hands tired, so, while I would normally not see 900 yards of worsted as an insurmountable obstacle, in this case I feel a little daunted.

Relief is found -- a few precious moments at a time-- in my current bus/waiting room/lessons project:


Do you love it as much as I do? It is the perfect yarn for fall and the promise of a few minutes alone with it encourages me to leave 5 minutes early for the bus each afternoon. Don't tell my husband.

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  1. OOoooooh ! That orange is awesome ! And yes, that lil cardigan is a cutie :)