Monday, June 15, 2009

Anger management issues?

We are in the midst of a terrible nail shortage. A fastener crisis of epic proportions. When I first went to the DIY store, I included on my list two boxes of nice big deck nails. Clearly I have a great regard for these particular nails because I came home to find that we already had three one-pound boxes of the same nails as well as the significant remnants of a five pound box of the same nails. Each box had already been opened and it would appear that each time we thought we needed nails for something, one of us popped off to the store and came back with a nice box of 3 1/2 inch deck nails. This might make sense if we actually had a deck, but we don't and I only wish I knew what we kept using these nails for. Nonetheless, we are nearly out. Not only of the deck nails that we have so carefully stockpiled over the years, but also of the two new boxes I bought most recently. And we are completely out of the slightly smaller deck nails I bought so I could make room for windows and doors. All of this has forced a temporary work stoppage. With just 5 bitty boards left to be nailed into this last wall, all work came to a grinding halt as my husband and I each tried to snatch the last nail from the box. In appreciation for his help in attaching the littlest boards, which I hate doing, I let him have the nail, but I didn't tell him that I had previously swiped most of the remaining nails for my part of the wall. Sorry, dear. As a pennance, I will be the one going to the hardware store for a new box of nails. We'll use three or four of them to finish the project and then we'll start stockpiling anew.
Not all of us were stymied in our construction projects. Below is a fabulous enclosure designed and built by a young carpentry/chicken enthusiast. Having seen a friend's new chicks at school, Nate has been a fountain of information on their care and has made it his personal mission to ensure that our new babies do not scramble away. Here he is demonstrating how it works.

Unfortunately, some members of the family prefer demolition to construction. We recently discovered that the dog likes to play in the water as it sprays out of the hose or the sprinkler. He bites at it and lets it spray him in the face and can keep himself amused in this way for hours. Isn't this cute, we would say. Shouldn't we catch this on video? Really, it is SO amusing. Hahahaha!

Well, look who is laughing now. It would seem that the dog was a little irked when we turned the water off yesterday. He took his anger out on the poor defenseless hose. Or perhaps he believed that he was valiantly risking life and limb to protect us from the evil, venom spewing serpent that lurks in our yard. Either way, the deed is done, the hose is no more (well, actually, it is quite a few more hoses now, but that is not useful to me), and I suppose I should add a new garden hose to my shopping list when I go to the hardware store.

Fie on you, wicked beastie! Look ashamed!

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