Thursday, June 11, 2009

True love

Young love comes and goes, but every once in a while it sticks for good. Case in point: Moosie. Moosie has been our one true love for over 8 years now. He is on his fourth or fifth body, having been loved to pieces in the style of the Velveteen Rabbit. With each incarnation, he has sacrificed a few body parts, and the fine fellow who once had four limbs and a pair of ears is now reduced to a bowling pin with a tail. Nonetheless, his absence causes great anguish, as evidenced by a recent poster advertising his loss:
(direct translation: Missing: Moosie, Isabel's favorite toy. Discription (sic): Fat butt, no ears, arms or legs, grey, soft, worn-out, has a nonstuffed neck. Reward: 3$).

With all his flaws, she still wants him back. Recently, it became evident that the poor old man had sprung a leak. Poly pellets were appearing everywhere, sometimes in alarming quantities. After grave deliberations, we concluded that surgery was the only option, although it was stipulated that the services of a top-rated plastic surgeon should be engaged to minimize the scarring.

A gaping hole was discovered in Moosie's internal regions, at which point a replacement part was installed. As promised, scarring was kept to a minimum and several smaller leaks were also repaired.

The old boy is recovering nicely, although the plastic surgeon has ventured to suggest that his days of attempting flight by means of defenestration have come to an end. Alas, that we grow up so soon.

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