Friday, June 19, 2009

spazgirl strikes again

Did I think I was good at this? Did I actually think the whole building thing was going off without a major hitch?



The rain (which I asked for, btw) has finally let up and the dove has flown off for good and the earth is beginning to dry, so I celebrated by going out to do some more work on the shed. After all, I can't leave the stupid thing lying in pieces on the grass forever. So I cut a bunch of siding to nail to one of my long walls and of course I start nailing it to the wrong side. Not a really big deal because I designed it to be symmetrical, so right side and wrong side are more of an opinion than a fact. And then I get to the middle of the wall and realize there is nothing to nail the edge of the siding to and, yes, I really did need to add that last stud even though that places a series of three studs 8 inches apart which seemed kind of like overkill for a chicken shed. So we flip the wall over and add the stud and that's when I get the great idea to add the extra studs at the wall to facilitate connecting the walls and provide added support and all that doodoo. So I get out my handy dandy circular saw and cut myself a few studs. No problem. Then I figure that I will cut the studs for the second wall and --although I measured them all at once -- the second set of studs is magically longer than the spot they are going into. How can this be, I wonder to myself. I measured them all at the same time and the first set fit perfectly. They may even have been a hair on the short side. What could be going on???? So I double check. And they really are exactly the same length as the first set. So (and this is where I just want to scream) I measure the wall. And it is an inch too short. And so I scream.

Unfortunately, my kids were outside with me, which prevented me from screaming what was really on my mind (which is spelled a lot like this: $%%$@@$%^&^&%$#$^%$#@@$%$!!!!!). All I could really think to scream was "BOOGERSNOT." Not particularly creative, but it did the trick. And it was really handy later when Nate and I bent about six nails in a row. We could both shout it really loud and I didn't have to feel like the worst parent ever for teaching my kid to say the Really Bad Words.

I couldn't take a picture of my wall being an inch too short or of us screaming boogersnot, so here is a random picture:
Don't ask. Sometimes an explanation doesn't really help.

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