Friday, June 12, 2009

Rain Delay

Tactical error: I did the errands yesterday in the misguided belief that it was going to rain and spoil any attempts to build. HA!
Instead, it POURED on us while we stood outside and watched softball. I thought the entire team would drown, but they enjoyed it enough to play two full innings (and for some reason they played better than usual. What's up with that?) before heading home. It continued to rain most of the night and now I am left with some very wet walls and a very wet work surface.

No matter. Today is the flag day celebration at the schools. I have already been to see lots of flags and hear some very talented flute players (and an appalling speech). Next we are off to the primary school for the flag day celebration, which somehow involves teddy bears and picnics. In the mean time, the sun is coming out and hopefully everything will dry up in enough time for me to get back to more of this

and this
before cleaning up my house in preparation for a gaggle of girls (or should they be called a giggle?) who will be sleeping over. Isn't this backwards? Shouldn't I save my energy to clean up after they go home? I'm sure I'll enjoy the clean house a whole lot more than they will.

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