Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Floor!!!!

Here we are:
Happy builders--

and Serious Builders.

We have triumphed over the floor, which is straight, square (rectangular really, but the corners are square), level and -- most importantly-- done. It was so cool that some of us could express our joy only through dance.

We are a little behind schedule due to some vital gardening tasks we performed this morning and a road trip we took to my college reunion yesterday. 20 years since graduation and since I had last laid eyes on 3 of the 4 people I went to visit. One of us looked exactly the same (not me) and one of us sounded exactly the same (still not me), but the presence of our children -- all of whom are now much closer to their college years than we are-- prevented there from being any illusion that we were back in the old days. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. I suspect (hope? pray?) we are all more multidimensional now than we used to be.

Next up: we will build walls and maybe spin some of the giant mass of merino fleece we got from our friends and work a little on the shiny new Summer Socks pattern from Cookie A. I stole the yarn for this project from a pair of socks already in progress (if you can call 3 inches in 4 months progress) and I feel like I had better make a good show in the new pair in order to justify the unraveling of a perfectly good -- if slightly dull--lace sock.

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