Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Can't Stay . . . Must Dash

Terribly busy day again.  I'm off to an evening concert (a.k.a. violin and clarinet practice) and then the spa (bath night for the boys; sometimes it helps to aggrandize things a bit). 

One dose of excitement:  the goodies from the Pampered Chef "show" that I went to a few weeks ago materialized today.  I nearly broke the apple peeler/corer/slicer that I bought by trying to put it together the wrong way.  Really the instructions were very vague.  (Note to P.C. instruction writers:  a picture really is most helpful.)  It avenged itself by cutting my knuckle. But, with my new skimmer and my apple p/c/s, I am ready to make soup and pie.  Not for the same meal, though.  Ew.  I also got a nylon knife so we can stop scratching up my glass quiche pans and a little bitty metal spatula specially for peeling difficult cookies off the cookie sheet.  My usual nylon spatulas tend to bulldoze the poor things.

I have also entered myself in at least 10 blog giveaways.  Haven't won anything yet, but I remain hopeful.  See?  I really am easy to entertain.

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