Monday, November 8, 2010

Things I Learned Yesterday

1. A 25 hour day is, in fact, too long.  This is true even where the return to standard time coincides with one of those rare days when you a free to do whatever you like.  No activities, no schedules to be kept, etc. etc.  It is particularly true when the 25 hour day coincides with a day in which no one else wants to leave the house and go do fun things.

2. Chocolate chip banana bread makes a good breakfast.  It also makes an excellent snack. However, the pleasure factor decreases radically if you try to use  it for all of your meals and snacks, and we strongly urge you not to attempt this at home.

3. The competition for the girl scout cookies this year is going to be much stiffer than I expected.  The first four (of an anticipated 16) boxes showed up at our door late yesterday afternoon, just about at the time when we had all OD'd on our leisure activities for the day and were craving a change of pace. A full box of trefoils and more than half of a box of thin mints were gone by this morning.  El Husbando, who was  a bit under the weather yesterday, did not have any of the cookies as far as I know.  And I was kind of stuffed with banana bread (see point 2, above) so I ate only a modest number of cookies.  This means that (a) my kids have achieved hitherto unprecedented levels of unauthorized cookie consumption and (b) I'm going to have to be a lot faster (or sneakier) if I want to get my share of the cookies.

4. I thought I was going to like the place mats I'm weaving, but now I'm not so sure.

5. As I suspected, there is  such a thing as too much Wii, even when the game is Super Mario Brothers.  I am still testing the theory that there is no such thing as too much Phineas and Ferb.

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