Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still Catching up With Myself

This weekend has gone by so fast that I'm still trying to work through yesterday, even though it's already Sunday night.

2.5 hours of sunshine and spinning.  Yumm!

Yesterday's sunny afternoon produced the last of these three skeins, which are finally washed.


All that beautiful weather and free time also produced this:


It is the first project that I have put on the table loom following the grown-up warping instructions in my weaving books (as opposed to the make it up as you go along method that I used for my first project).  The process went much better than I thought it would and I'm having fun weaving this little strap, which will be used with my practice weaving to make a bag.  It will be hideously ugly (the bag, I mean; I like the strap), but I don't care.  I'm making it myself.

One thing I did not do yesterday was fix this:


This is my vegetable garden and it is a raging mess.  I can now confirm that I am the world's worst gardener and it is amazing that my plants don't uproot themselves and run for their lives. The deer didn't even bother trying to raid the garden this year; they've learned that it's not worth the effort. I'm thinking of converting three of the beds to fruit gardens for next year -- maybe one for strawberries and two for blueberries. Then I can grow sunflowers in the fourth bed and have two beds left for cukes and peppers, which are about the only veggies I eat from my garden anyway, especially after the Great Broccoli Infestation of 2010. I might as well stop torturing myself with my delusions of living off the land.  It's a good thing I wasn't a pioneer; I probably would have starved. 

Given my lax housekeeping standards, my continued absence from the PTA, my failure to properly prepare my van for trunk or treat and my intent to abandon even the pretense of tomato  gardening, I'm sure the Suburban Living Enforcement Squad is on its way here to  have me deported from the community.  I'm not going down without a fight, though.  I plan to fend them off with my knitting needles.

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