Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm Ba-ack!

Friday afternoon.  Finally.
--Four days of work endured without falling behind writing/editing schedule: check.
--Five mornings of exercise done and still capable of standing (for brief periods of time, at least): check.
--Children shuffled to and from innumerable basketball practices: check.
--Library books returned, with only minimal late fees incurred: check.
--Usual volunteer shift at school completed: check.
--Mini-assembly attended to see number 1 son receive award as top reader (boy) in his class for the month: check.
--Grocery shopping completed: check.
--Insane number of decadent desserts acquired, through various means including petty theft: check.
--Worst parts of house vacuumed/swept to remove bits of food and an entire fleet of German Shepherd dust bunnies: check.
--Manageable dinner, including fresh baked challah, ready to go for tonight: check.

There might still be a few things that need tending to.  Laundry would top that list.  But, I bought a few extra shirts last week, so I still have plenty of clean clothes to wear, and the kids haven't started complaining too loudly about having to repeat their pants (some of them, in fact, seem to enjoy it and regularly violate our "twice is nice" rule) so we must not have reached crisis point (Wash-Con 3) yet. Otherwise, I think I'm ready to sink into weekend relaxation mode. I can almost feel the stress of the week wearing off, although that won't really happen until we are back from Isa's riding lesson and I have carted Emma off to basketball practice (Friday night practice?  Really?  Who thinks this stuff up?  Probably not wise to suggest to the coaches that it's time to get a life, though.) The weather is supposed to be partly to mostly unpleasant, so I might even be off the hook for cleaning up the garden, and this might turn into a weekend full of spinning, knitting, and maybe even a fresh weaving project.   Then again, I always think that and I'm usually pretty far off base.  Keep you knitting needles crossed for me.

Here are pictures from the Dizzy Sheep sort-of-halloween swap I took part in.  The first two are the stuff I sent out:

My swap-ette is a big fan of purple and she spins. So I sent her some purple Malabrigo worsted yarn;, some fiber from Hope Spinnery in Maine, which I bought at Rhinebeck; some beautful ceramic buttons (which are just barely visible through that waxy envelope; some Burt's Bees stuff, some point protectors shaped like little balls of yarn, and for good measure, some candy and some goofy spider stickers, which apparently were a huge hit. Oh, and I made a bag out of some of the spooky fabric left over from my Halloween quilt.

My swap-sender-- a totally different person-- sent me the color blue. 


Isn't it pretty?  The chocolate bar didn't last too long, which is saying something since I didn't think I liked almonds in my chocolate.  There is also a Lantern Moon bag, a collection of note paper, note cards, and a note book, all with a knit pattern as decoration (I've been using the notebook to keep track of my knitting on Nate's gloves; turns out it is the perect size and construction -- nice sturdy covers to keep it from bending in my knitting bag-- for this. Yay!)

And then there is the yarn:  Madeline Tosh Sock, which I think might become the companion to my Malabrigo sock for this pattern:


Off to take Isa to riding now.  Let the weekend begin!!

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