Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Very Important Moment

Mark this in your diaries, because it might never happen again: 

I think there might finally be enough cookies in the house. 

Usually, I can be found lamenting the appalling absence of cookies that regularly takes place around here.  But today, for this brief and glorious moment, we have enough.  Sunday's girl scout cookies are long gone, but El Husbando brought two more boxes home last night, one of trefoils and one of thin mints.  And, there are still Mint Milanos in my secret stash.  I have tried some of each this morning, and am happy to report that not only do they all continue to be exceptional representatives of their class, but their excellence is not diminished by the fact that I have eaten all three kinds of cookies without waiting a decent interval between them.   If you consider that I also have a fresh pot of coffee going, no activities to drive my kids to (at least until 7 tonight) and a surprising amount of sunshine pouring in through my office window, you will immediately understand that I am experiencing a moment of great contentment.

Let's enjoy it together, shall we?

. . .  [insert moment of equanimity here] . . .

Ahhhh. That was nice.

The Small Wonder took a field trip with his pre-school class to the local museum.  They are "studying" dinosaurs.  One of the activities involved a table with about 30 small plastic dinosaur skeletons on it.  Matty's group of boys descended on this table with glee and immediately started to have dino-wars.  Here you can see the man himself sneaking a peek at his neighbor to double check that he (Matty) was playing the game the right way. 


The trip was educational for parents, too.  For example, we learned how a dinosaur becomes a fossil, how few of the kids in the class actually like having raisins for their snack, and I was relieved to see that most of the other boys hadn't had a haircut since September either.

Here you can see the highlight of the day:


Goggles!  And brushes.  And there was a tape-measure floating around for a while too.  Matty is taking part in the excavation of fake dino bones. Apparently this was the most fun EVER, because he spent over half an hour in the sand pit with the bones and brushes and he almost cried when it was time to go. When he measured the bones he had uncovered, I was pleased -- but also a little sad-- to find that not only did he read the number accurately, but he now recognizes that a tape measure counts inches, not pounds, or years, or any of the other random units of measurement he used to announce.

In knitting news, I finally have some finished projects to post.  First up, Nate's gloves.

These took some vicious blocking.  Post-knitting, they were a bit too tight on Nate's fingers, which are about the same size around as mine are.  So while the gloves were still wet, we put them on and stretched them out over our hands, and they have dried to a comfortable size.

Next, we have the first sock of a pair that I started knitting in July.  I think I was motivated to work on these by the development of holes in yet another pair of socks, which makes a grand total of four pair that are waiting to be darned.  The holes are depressing and I hate to think of my poor socks suffering, but I am likely to knit four pair of socks before I ever get around to fixing the socks with holes.

Last is a scarf that I finished last spring.  I didn't get around to blocking it until this week, but when I did, it went from this scrumpled and shrivelly thing


to this:


Much better.

I think my cookie induced contentment is starting to wear off.  Time to grab another cup of coffee (and perhaps just one more thin mint?) and tackle today's work.

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