Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hmmmmm . . .

Look at this:

This is what the inside of my head looks like right now.  A big blank.  Nothing.    Just emptiness.

I have run out of thoughts. 

I don't really need any right now.  There's a ton of housework to do (and there still will be tomorrow, because I don't plan to get much of it done), but my kids don't seem to need my attention right now. One kid is at basketball practice.  I didn't have to drive her there and I don't  have to pick her up--I hope (there's no telling where I'd end up if I started driving in this frame of mind). One kid has locked herself in her room to get her homework done and would shun all offers of help.  One is curled up on the couch with a book that he is perfectly capable of reading to himself.  The last one is having carrots and dressing and making very loud crunching noises in my ear, but that's pretty close to silence given the usual noise level around here.  And I think that's what did me in.  It is so quiet here that I can't function.

No matter.  With Nate's birthday came a slew of Lego Star Wars stuff and if I did have any thoughts, I would be a little wigged out by what was in the boxes.

For example, can you tell what this little blurry blob is?

It's Princess Leia's hair. See:  here she is wearing it. 

I'm inclined to laugh at the whole idea of Princess Leia's Lego hair, but as you can see, she really needs it. 

Han Solo, who also has an excellent Lego 'do, probably thinks so too.  He won't even look at Princess Baldy. She can't get R2-D2  to stay with her either. So much for loyalty.

Here is the truly scary part.  Below are some of the storm troopers.  When you watched the movie, did you ever wonder who all those guys were under the giant white helmets?

This, apparently, is the answer:

They really are the faceless minions of Darth Vader. Are we smelling any propaganda here?

It's too much for me, so  I'm going back to my non-thoughts.

Pleasant dreams!

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