Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drat, Drat, and Double Drat

I spent the morning driving (although I was with both of my boys and I managed to squeeze in a trip to the  library and a really good cup of coffee, so don't waste any tears on me), but the afternoon was entirely devoted to sunshine and spinning.  I sat outside in the 65 degree sauna that we had going here and I plied the remainder of my Autumn batt.  I now have about 1100 yards of yarn, which should be more than enough for knitting Mothed.  Yay me!  I also took the time to touch up my wheel, which was looking painfully dry, with some Howard's Feed & Wax and I tightened some screws here and there, so I hopefully I have eliminated the rattling and wobbling that was accompanying all of my spinning.

I took pictures of my beautiful afternoon, but before I remembered to upload them, I sent my daughter off to a party with my phone, so I can't post them.

Then when the sun went down, I finished warping the table loom and started a new project.  I would normally run right over to the loom right now and take a picture to post, but my kid has my iPhone, so I'm out of luck. 


Really there is nothing I can do now except eat some dinner and do a bunch of knitting. Missing pictures will be posted tomorrow.

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