Monday, November 7, 2011

Barn? What Barn?

We had high hopes for this most Monday-ish morning. The workers would come back, they would finish the barn, and we could start moving stuff out there so that we could both park in the garage proper again.



When I walked the dog this morning, I looked at the back of the barn--the one wall that has been completed--and saw for the first time that the siding installed was white (or what passes for white in the world of barn siding) instead of red. So it's back to waiting for a little bit. The red siding panels have to be manufactured and then delivered and then we can have a barn instead of a giant open air pavilion.

In the meantime, I have overcome my blogging-via-iPad setbacks by installing Blogsy. I was afraid to use the program at first. When I was installing the app, I got a message asking me to confirm that I was over 17. This apparently was necessary due to "intense adult content" and I suffered from the brief and irrational fear that I might be randomly assaulted by unsavory photos while I was blogging. This has so far failed to happen, which I think is a good thing.

Off to get some sleep. I'm still one of he designated drivers for the cruel 6 a.m. softball practices and the early hour is beginning to take its toll.

Before I head off to dreamland, another travelogue teaser:

Aren't they handsome?

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