Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Look: A Barn! And a Rant!! And a Game You Should Never, Ever Try!!!

 TaDa!!!!  This is where we started this morning:

They took off the wrong siding and put on the right siding

and some doors

and some more siding

and more

and more!!

They even put the last door on, but that was after dark, so I couldn't take a picture.

There are still two vital bits missing:  my loft door, which is on back order, and a chunk of plywood for the loft floor.  But, I HAVE A BARN!!!!! 

On this election day, I also have a bone to pick with several of our local candidates.  It happens every year.  There is one (maybe two) hotly contested race and the candidates, their campaign committees, and the  county and state parties decide that the best way to make me vote for their candidate (or against the other candidate, really, since they never have anything nice to say about each other) is to swamp my mailbox with campaign pieces.  Mostly the pieces are 10x12 glossy single page productions featuring unflattering photos of the "bad" candidate and wild claims that he/she is a career politician who will spend my tax dollars with wild abandon, ruin the educational prospects of my children, and probably run off with my wife to boot.  Occasionally, I'll get one covered with campaign platitudes and pictures showing how chummy the good candidate is with the appropriate public officials.  Aside from the insulting nature of the content, the magnitude of the waste makes me really angry.

I hate these things.

Unfortunately, I have been so far unable to come up with an effective plan to make people stop sending me such piles of junk.  I don't mind one or two, but these things have been rolling in at a rate of 3-5 per day most days of the week and if I had kept them all, I could have had a stack the size of a small phone book.  My first thought was that I should start a campaign of my own, in which I encourage people to save all of the political mailers that they receive, and on election day we could stuff them all back in the candidate's mailbox.  This plan was immediately stymied (at least for this year) by the fact that I had recycled a month's worth of them by the time I thought of it.  So I did the only thing I could:  I refused to vote today for any candidate who showed such a disregard for my time, my intelligence, and our natural resources.  Since I don't get to submit a note with my ballot explaining my choices, I know the impact of my abstention will be minimal.  But I don't care.  

To control my growing irritation, I wasted my afternoon playing a new game on my iPhone.  It is called welder (or something like that; it has a lot of periods in it) and it is a crazy combination of word search and word building that has 12 levels, and you don't win unless you complete all 12 levels.  So, of course, I kept playing.  And playing.  And playing. It was that addictive.  Take my word:  you must never, ever get this game. 

Last, here is a picture of some socks I made last year:

They look a little disheveled, don't they?  This is the first of my efforts to deal with the giant bag of socks-in-need-of-mending.  The socks failed after a few wearings, leading me to conclude that the yarn (100% wool, merino I think) was not a good choice for my feet and not worth mending.  But I loved knitting with it, so I spent part of yesterday afternoon ripping out the socks.  The resulting skein looked like a party.  The yarn was all zig-zaggy and cushiony and I almost didn't want to wash the kinks out.  But I really would enjoy knitting with this stuff again.

I would love to stay and write more, but my 5 year old escaped from the bath and is streaking around the house.  Must go.

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