Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hit By a Dull and Boring Ray

I cleaned out my linen closets today, which makes me just about the least exciting person on the planet.  I suppose I could have added to the fun by taking some of the ancient drugs that I found in there, but I wasn't sure where that would lead and I thought it might set a bad example for my kids. Really, there is nothing more that could possibly be written about refolding sheets, corralling errant band-aids, and deciding which of three dusty humidifiers to keep.

One almost-interesting thing I noticed is that my kids now have a collection of 50 nearly empty plastic shampoo and body wash containers that no one has bothered to rinse and recycle.  I wonder how long that will keep up for?

I also finished the fifth of six woven placemats, but the yarn I used is ecru and the finished placemat has already been wound to the under-side of the loom, so there's nothing to see there.

I think I also ate some vanilla yogurt and played solitaire on my computer.

I'm feeling really inspired by this recount of my day.  I think I'll go and rearrange my sock drawer. Or watch some paint dry.  Or read the phone book.

p.s. If you are still awake after reading about my day, here is a random picture of chickens to make up for it.  They look to me like they are about to perform a dance number.  I think they had more fun today than I did.


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  1. You need to go find some solitaire Mahjongg games to download ;-)