Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Very Important Day

See this guy:

He's nine years old today. I can remember being nine, so every time one of my kids reaches this age, I have my own private freak-out moment. I can't imagine how they could possibly have reached an age that I haven't forgotten. It hasn't gotten any easier with practice, and no other age seems to have this effect on me. I really don't know what to conclude from that and I'm much too tired to try and sort it all out now. In fact, I was so tired today that I took a nap in the car while I was waiting for the birthday boy's bus to come, even though I hate to take naps. I'm so tired right now that I can barely finish this sentence. Even the giant piece of birthday cake that I had at 9:30 tonight has no chance of keeping me awake. Good night.

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