Sunday, November 6, 2011

Slacker Chickens, Busted Doorknobs, and a Surprising Statue

It turns out that my chickens don't respond well to threats. I mentioned casually in my last post that some additional layers might be welcome to combat the decline in our egg supply and what do you think those overgrown feather dusters did? They stopped laying completely. Even Red, who has been laying huge brown eggs on a daily basis, had nothing to offer this morning. They must really be mad. Who knew they could be so sensitive? I didn't even think they read the blog.

In other excitement, I fixed our broken doorknob. Well, not fixed, really; I replaced it. And the exciting part was not that I replaced it, but that I replaced it so promptly. Usually fix-it tasks need to marinate on my to-do list for a while before they are ready to be dealt with. Being locked out of my garage, however, is a special kind of crisis that required immediate attention. Compare this to the screen door that I bought last year and still haven't hung, or to the trim that has been stored under my living room sofa for the last four years, and you'll see why I'm so pleased with myself. I even took a picture of the new knob:

Very spiffy, no?

Last up for today is this:

I have no doubt that this is a dementor and my kids concur. The artist, however, is equally adamant that it is a metal representation of Moses, and that explains why it is currently on display at our Temple. Its presence might also explain why my kids find Sunday School to be cause for despair. Just to be safe, we don't like to get too close to it.

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