Friday, November 18, 2011

Break a Leg!

It's show night!  My daughter is playing the evil stepmother in the school production of Cinderella.  We'll skip over the analysis of why she was chosen for the part.  She attributes it to her height (taller than her peers), her dark hair (very evil, right?) and her stellar acting abilities.  Her siblings had a different take on it.

But no matter.  The other thing this show marks is the end of a day that looked like this:

5:45--get up, work out
7--get boys ready for school
8--boys on bus, shower, get dressed, clean up house for cleaning lady
10--depart for errands
1:30--return from errands to house that has not been cleaned; scramble to put away groceries; put unidentified frozen entree into slow cooker and hope it turns into dinner
2:10--pick up child from school for orthodontist appointment
3:15-- return home to get boys off busses
3:50--leave to take child to travel softball tryouts 30 minutes away; stand in 40 degree weather for 45 minutes; drive home for 30 minutes
5:45--drive budding starlet to performance of the century
6:10--return to find three amazingly sweet children waiting with coats and shoes on to go to the performance of the century; explain that we still have 30 minutes before departure; cook noodles for mystery dinner; dump into bowls
6:40--depart for performance of the century, with camera and children.  Try to stay awake during firstborn child's theatrical debut.
9:00--take pictures; come home; SLEEEEEEEEP!

Wish me well!

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