Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'd Rather Be Knitting . . .

. . . But instead, I've been having a bad food day. For most of it, I was stalked by Girl Scout cookies.

Everywhere I went, they were there.

Calling to me.

Demanding to be eaten in obscene quantities.

I consider it proof of my great will power that I ate only three thin mints, one shortbread, and one fudge covered cookie.

It did help a bit that my personal cookie monsters polished off two of the boxes while I was out this afternoon.

When I wasn't busy fleeing from cookies, I was burning split pea soup. Not that that was my goal. I made a pot of it for lunch, but it needed to cook for a little longer, so I put it back on the stove. And then it was time for me to pick up Isabel for an orthodontist appointment.

So I left.

When I got back to the house three hours later, it had turned to a brown mush. Ew. I hope the chickens enjoy it. I wouldn't even think of eating it at this point.

1 comment:

  1. AAAAAH *munch* I know exactly what you mean. *munch, munch* They're everywhere *dusting off the crumbs*

    so sorry about the soup. cookies for dinner?