Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Proposal for Peace and Harmony in Theaters Everywhere

So  I went to my daughter's show last night and I hear it was wonderful.  I would not personally know because for me, most of the show looked like this:

My daughter spent 97% of her stage time in roughly the same area of the stage.  Can you guess where that was?

We are headed back to the show again tonight (I feel it is my parental obligation to be there for the opening and closing shows, plus it's really cool to see my kid on stage, or so I imagine), so there is a reasonable possibility that I will see the whole show.  However, I feel it is my civic duty to renew my  proposal that seating at school plays and recitals be segregated by height range.  Just like the tall kids go in the back of the school pictures and the SUVs don't park in a sub-compact space, there should be special seating for really really tall people:  behind me.  In some districts, it might even be appropriate to extend this regulation to those of us with really really big hair.  I am open to suggestions in fine tuning this proposal.  After all, I am not a tyrant, just a person of average height who was not blessed with the x-ray vision otherwise required to deal with this problem.

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