Monday, November 21, 2011

A Warped Plan for a Brown Afghan

A few months ago, apparently while I was under the influence of something very powerful, I bought this yarn online:

I was planning to use it to make a wonderfully textured triangular scarf, but as soon as I took the yarn out of its mailing envelope, I hated it. It contains at least three colors that, taken individually, I absolutely despise. Together, they are nothing short of poison to my eyes. I bought three more skeins last week.

The theory, as I keep telling myself, is that the yarn would make a hideously unwearable scarf for me, but it is the perfect collection of colors for my furniture. This idea did not originate in my head; it was the gift of someone in an online forum who suggested that the yarn might make a good pillow. I don't want any pillows, so I am going to make an afghan. Of course. Because the only thing better than a little putrid yarn is a whole heap of it. By my calculations, I still need another three skeins to complete the project.

The swatch for the project Is done and I cast on today. The good news is that the yarn feels wonderful to knit with and it's a little on the fat side, so the knitting goes fast. Plus, if you look at the overall project, the color scheme is reasonably good. The bad news is that I will have to learn to knit with my eyes closed, because I can't stop looking at those eye-wrenching shades of barf, booger, and orange mold.

I'm off to work on the project now. I hope it doesn't give me nightmares.

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