Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Low

Thanksgiving dinner went well.  I spent the day cooking and we ended up with turkey, mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables, corn, fresh baked rolls, cranberry sauce, and apple crisp.  We had ice cream too, but I didn't make that.  

That was the last time I cooked.  Yesterday was a plain old pasta night and tonight was one of  the worst dining experiences we've ever scavenged from the kitchen, otherwise known as Scrounge Night.  

Tonight's menu, straight from the depths of the fridge:
1. Left over tofu stir fry which may or may not have withstood the test of time
2. Left over penne, warmed up and doused in ketchup
3. Rice, as prepared by Master Chef Emma, a recent graduate of Mom's Cooking School, served with  . . . nothing.    Just plain rice. Really.

And  for dessert:  

Mmmmmmm!! Doesn't that look good???? Grab a spoon and dig in! We'll be having  . . . let's see . . . skim milk . . . and hydrogenated vegetable oil . . . high fructose corn syrup . . . water . . . more corn syrup . . . light cream . . . and a supporting cast of minor chemicals and additives that I couldn't possibly take the time to write.  

Otherwise known as "Cool Whip."  But not just any Cool Whip.  Did you spot that special ingredient between "more corn syrup" and "a whole bunch of chemicals"?  Yes, we had the "Extra Creamy" Cool Whip, made with real cream.  And we could almost taste it in there too. 

On the up side, although none of this could possibly make up for tonight's abysmal dinner experience, Emma won her basketball game (the score was 38-13, or something silly like that) and then I took the rest of the kids to see El Husbando's first official hockey game of the season (they won too, 6-5, although they managed to keep us guessing until the end; thanks for all the excitement, guys).  

I also managed to squeeze half a hat's worth of  knitting, although that might have contributed to the dinner crisis here, since the hours I spent knitting were the same hours that normal people spent preparing and eating decent dinners.

Still, it's a very nice hat, and three hours of uninterrupted knitting is nothing to sneeze at.  Maybe tomorrow I'll go to the grocery store and find my children something to eat. If I'm not too busy finishing the hat.

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