Monday, December 26, 2011

An Appliance Situation

The microwave conked out today. We are outraged because the stupid thing is only seven years old, but we're also bereft, in a food related way. We noticed the problem when three of us lined up to warm up left overs for lunch. I put my lunch in and when the timer went off, Isa put her stuff in and took mine out and when Isa's timer went off, Emma put her stuff in.   Then Isa complained because her food was cold. So Emma took her food out and Isa put her food in again, but now Emma's food was cold. So we took Isa's food out and it was still cold and my lunch was cold too, and it stayed cold even after three trips through the microwave.   Then El Husbando tried to warm up the food because clearly we  needed a Man to operate the  appliance for us, but even that did not work  It was a dark moment. For starters, we were all hungry. Then-- probably because we were distressed and not because we have become inept through over-dependence on the microwave or anything lame like that--it took a few minutes for us to remember that we  have other ways to warm left overs, like the stove. We made do with the stove for today, but tomorrow we'll be braving  the post-Christmas mall traffic as we hunt for a new microwave, because we really are that desperate. 

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