Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just in Case I Was Worried

Matty reassured me today that he wasn't planning on "getting" any children.  Instead he will stay with us forever.  Out of curiosity, I asked whether he would be sleeping in his own room by the time he was grown and he assured me that he would, except that his room would be bigger by then because he would be  grown up. And if he did happen to get any children, he would put them in little tiny rooms just like his.  Stinker.

Nathan never questioned whether he would have children.  His only question was which room his wife should have after they moved in with us.  

I'm off now to work on my new Annis shawl/scarf thing.  I was all set to exclaim over the soothing nature of the project and then I got to row 10, in which I found out that my nupps are not quite as loose as they should be if I intend to get them the ^%$$ off my knitting needle. I have also discovered that foul language does not make them behave any better.  Ah well.  Off to do battle.

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  1. Matty is so unbelievably cute you SHOULD keep him at home forever, with or without wife.