Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great Inventions You Just Wish You'd Thought Of

Matty is very busy inventing lately. The first item on his long standing  List of Things To Invent is the machine that will let everyone stay exactly the age they are right now and will also bring back a few of the people we wanted to keep. Next up is the machine that will make everyone stop fighting wars. It seems to work on a combination of principles relating to the inescapable superiority of the army Matty will create to go with it (he's working on a cloning device in his spare time) and his undeniable rightness of thought, which all concerned must yield to. There might be something wrong with his plan, but I can't quite put my finger on it. 

Today's brainstorm was the infinity dollar bill. Whenever you want to buy something, you just hand the cashier the bill, and then  he/she hands it back, because

 Tim. Mm  

[sorry, the cat walked on the iPad and wrote that with her feet; I have no idea where she learned to spell]. 

Anyway, getting back to the discussion at hand, to pay for your goods, you give the cashier the infinity dollar bill, and in order to give you change from infinity dollars, the cashier has to give you back the infinity dollar bill.  It's brilliant! Matty's initial purchasing plan includes all the biggest Lego sets and the entire book store, including the cash register, which he would like to take home with him.  He's not selfish, though.  He plans to print ten of these bills and share them with friends and family, and I'm pretty sure he said I could have one. 

I have to go now. This kind of spending is going to take a lot of planning.

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