Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Goodie!

Guess what I found out today??? Can you guess?  I can do NaBloPoMo in December too if I want to!!!!  It starts today (sillies!), but I don't have to commit until December 5th, so there is still time for me to come to my senses.

Because the nice people who promote NaBloPoMo like to be helpful, they provide writing prompts on the weekdays.  Today's prompt asked what was the first gift I remember receiving.  Easy Peasy.  The first one I can remember right now is a red Timex that my aunt gave me for my fifth birthday.  It was  very slick looking (in an early '70s kind of way), although I have no idea what happened to it. The way I recall it, we were at my Nonny and Poppy's apartment for the great Gift Giving, but I could be very wrong about this.  My aunt told me that it was a very special present for a very special birthday, and I'm sure that I agreed, although not enough to preserve the watch for the next 38 years.

From first presents to most recent presents:  today my mailbox contained a new wool winder, a gift I gave myself and my yarn.  My old one, being of a rather artistic temperament, had taken to winding my yarn into ellipses rather than squat little yarn cakes.  Most of them were lovely to look at, especially as ovals and ellipses* are among my favorite shapes, but they were unstable and, for larger amounts of wool, tended towards tangled spaghetti in appearance and operation.  I'm sure the new one--which cost twice as much as the old one, even with 40% off and free shipping--will be much less of a free spirit.  I'm almost tempted to go wind some yarn right now.

*BTW, I'm very peeved by this word right now:  ellipses.  I come from an editing background where ellipses are three dots in a row ( . . .).  I'm very fond of those too, but I keep feeling like the word can't mean punctuation and more than one elongated shape, even though I double checked the definition and it most certainly can.  Harrumph.

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  1. and to make things even worse an ellipse can be used to refer to the orbit of one planetary body around another...