Thursday, December 29, 2011

Go Away. Please.

Ha.  I am writing this post only because, on the 29th of December, it would be a tragic shame to forget to post and blow another month of NaBloPoMoFoGoNoMo.

Don't expect much from me, though.  I have spent the day finishing up a work project (which was supposed to be done last Thursday so that I could take advantage of the school vacation to actually spend time with my children, although all they want to do anyway is watch TV, so what's the difference) and have spent the evening paying bills and I'm grouchy.  I did manage to whip up an outstanding Potato, Cheese, and Chile (or is it Chili?  I can't remember, but Chili is the name of a local town and I feel stupid putting it in my soup) soup.

Oops, I just remembered that I still haven't put the rest of the soup away for tomorrow.

And there's still wet laundry in the machine.

And I have a pile of shredding to do.

And I haven't made the shopping list yet, although I don't actually have time to go shopping tomorrow, so that's not such a big deal.

And a small child has escaped from his bed and vows that he will not go back upstairs without me because of the zombies.  I'm not sure if this refers to his sleeping siblings snoring away in their beds or something he saw on TV.

Ha.  I guess I had better get going.

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