Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yes, and No

1. The hat has been recovered from the school lost and found (sigh of relief!).  I made a particular effort to search for it in a timely fashion after I overheard an announcement at one of the schools that unclaimed lost and found items would be donated over the Christmas break.  Yikes!! Now if I could only find the hand knit blue gloves.

2. I was really excited yesterday to be moving on to another project. I was unprepared, though, for my inability to knit anything that was not an evil pink cotton sweater.  Apparently I've been focusing so thoroughly on the EPCS that all other projects have been wiped from my mind.  I brought two upstairs with me last night.  On the first row of my Estonian Lace Whatsit, I made an error.  Since I wasn't more than a few inches into it, and it started with a three stitch cast on, I tore the whole thing out and started again, only to realize that the yarn just didn't match the project the way I hoped it would.  Then I thought I would work on my other project, which I KNOW I had memorized.  But I couldn't remember the stitch pattern anymore and I couldn't remember where I had put the chart I wrote for it and it was late anyway, so I went to bed. I spent the morning finding a more suitable pattern for last night's abandoned yarn, and as soon as I've tucked all the little urchins into bed (and glued them in, if necessary) I'm going to cast on. All 363 stitches.  I hope this isn't a mistake.

3. My EPCS is still drying on my office floor.  If my dog sets his hairy butt on it one more time, I'm going to take him outside and shave him bald.

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