Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Third Time's a Charm, And All That

Well, would you look at that.  Here is my beautiful Cinnamon Girl Smooshy yarn all worked up into a scarf/shawl kind of thing.  I started this project 10 days ago and now I'm done.  Ten days might not seem like a speedy knit for those used to whipping out one project after another, but this yarn has had needles stuck in it since September of 2010, and in comparison, ten days is a mere blink of the eye.

The first time I tried to knit it, it looked like this:

The beginnings of an oscilloscope shawl.

I loved the pattern, but the yarn substitution was doomed because I had only one skein and it would have taken two to knit anything larger than a glorified handkerchief.

The second time, I got about as far into a different pattern, then abandoned it in favor of less repetititititive projects and then immediately messed up the pattern when I finally got back to it.

I took the hint and found a whole new pattern, Annis, which evidently was the right one, notwithstanding the nupps which caused me to put dents in my needles.  Here it is, fresh from its bath and stretched out to dry an all its mildly asymmetrical and poorly photographed glory.

I was too lazy to get the good camera; I'll try for a better photo when it's dry.

I'm off to resuscitate another neglected project while watching plenty of TV.  Happy Saturday!

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